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22/12/17 Remix for ELFENBERG - Ecclesiastical

Digital 08/12/17 POPHOP - Tag am Meer feat. Zigan Aldi

10/11/17 Remix for SLOW NOMADEN - Jungle

Vinyl 30/08/17 "POPHOP - Tag am Meer feat. Zigan Aldi

Free Download / HEY MAEDCHEN - Instrumental Version
Download: http://bit.ly/2oWM52K

PopHop looks like a pirate, and what he launches from his music studio sounds like pirate ships. On board of these ships there's always a very colorful, exotic bunch of personalities. They are the multicultural characters of the original tracks from all corners of the world. Under the command of PopHop they sail straight towards the eye of the thunderstorm, which means the heart of the dancefloor. It's the place where he feels home. Little by little PopHop accumulated so many remixes, edits and own tracks that they fill a whole treasure chest. That's exactly what you get: A treasure chest full of dancefloor gold, and a string of pearls that is a mixed version of all these precious grooves.

Essential Mixes:

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Remix for BONA FIDE & JOHNNY LEONI / Acker Rec. 2017-03-24
Listen & Buy: www.goo.gl/2KD6zS

CD Album
ESSENTIAL TRACKS - out 2017-02-10 on Acker Records

Coming soon:

coming in Summer 2018

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Remix for "IL Civetto" - Liberte Ana / Acker Records - 11/11/16

VINYL HERE: http://bit.ly/2eYnb9V / DIGITAL: http://btprt.dj/298x7hD

Remix for "Zigan Aldi" - Blue Hill / Acker Records - 21/10/16

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3000 Grad Festival / SOS U.Ground Laerz / Helgas Stadtpalast Rostock / Fusion Festival / Docks - Prinzenbar Hamburg / Goethebunker Essen / Club Zollamt Stuttgart / Festung Mark Magdeburg / Ritter Butzke Berlin / Peter Weiss Haus Rostock / Werkleitz Festival Halle / Magdalena Berlin / Pangea Festival Puetnitz / Tropentango / Kosmonaut Berlin / Freiland OA Broock / Mensch Meier Berlin / Brunnen70 Berlin / JAZ Rostock ... and many more

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